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[1] Liu XiaoJiang Rui,. Security analysis and improvement on resilient storageoutsourcing schemes in mobile cloud computing [J]. Journal of Southeast University (English Edition), 2012, 28 (4): 392-397. [doi:10.3969/j.issn.1003-7985.2012.04.004]

Security analysis and improvement on resilient storageoutsourcing schemes in mobile cloud computing()

Journal of Southeast University (English Edition)[ISSN:1003-7985/CN:32-1325/N]

2012 4
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Computer Science and Engineering
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Security analysis and improvement on resilient storageoutsourcing schemes in mobile cloud computing
Liu XiaoJiang Rui
School of Information Science and Engineering, Southeast University, Nanjing 210096, China
mobile cloud computing cloud storage security protocols
The resilient storage outsourcing schemes in mobile cloud computing are analyzed. It is pointed out that the sharing-based scheme(ShS)has vulnerabilities regarding confidentiality and integrity; meanwhile, the coding-based scheme(CoS)and the encryption-based scheme(EnS)have vulnerabilities on integrity. The corresponding attacks on these vulnerabilities are given. Then, the improved protocols such as the secure sharing-based protocol(SShP), the secure coding-based protocol(SCoP)and the secure encryption-based protocol(SEnP), are proposed to overcome these vulnerabilities. The core elements are protected through public key encryptions and digital signatures. Security analyses show that the confidentiality and the integrity of the improved protocols are guaranteed. Meanwhile, the improved protocols can keep the frame of the former schemes and have higher security. The simulation results illustrate that compared with the existing protocols, the communication overhead of the improved protocols is not significantly increased.


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Biographies: Liu Xiao(1989—), male, graduate; Jiang Rui(corresponding author), male, doctor, associate professor, R.Jiang@seu.edu.cn.
Foundation items: The National Natural Science Foundation of China(No.60902008), the Key Laboratory Hi-Tech Program of Changzhou City(No.CM20103003), the Key Laboratory Program of Information Network Security of Ministry of Public Security(No.C12602), the Science and Technology Supporting Project of Changzhou City(No.CE20120030).
Citation: Liu Xiao, Jiang Rui. Security analysis and improvement on resilient storage outsourcing schemes in mobile cloud computing.[J]. Journal of Southeast University(English Edition), 2012, 28(4):392-397.[doi:10.3969/j.issn.1003-7985.2012.04.004]
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