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[1] Zhu Yanqin, Hua Ling,. Optimization of RDF link traversal based query execution [J]. Journal of Southeast University (English Edition), 2013, 29 (1): 27-32. [doi:10.3969/j.issn.1003-7985.2013.01.006]

Optimization of RDF link traversal based query execution()

Journal of Southeast University (English Edition)[ISSN:1003-7985/CN:32-1325/N]

2013 1
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Computer Science and Engineering
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Optimization of RDF link traversal based query execution
Zhu Yanqin Hua Ling
School of Computer Science and Technology, Soochow University, Suzhou 215006, China
web of linked data resource description framework link traversal based query execution(RDF-LTE) SPARQL query query optimization
Aiming at the problem that only some types of SPARQL(simple protocal and resource description framework query language)queries can be answered by using the current resource description framework link traversal based query execution(RDF-LTE)approach, this paper discusses how the execution order of the triple pattern affects the query results and cost based on concrete SPARQL queries, and analyzes two properties of the web of linked data, missing backward links and missing contingency solution. Then three heuristic principles for logic query plan optimization, namely, the filtered basic graph pattern(FBGP)principle, the triple pattern chain principle and the seed URIs principle, are proposed. The three principles contribute to decrease the intermediate solutions and increase the types of queries that can be answered. The effectiveness and feasibility of the proposed approach is evaluated. The experimental results show that more query results can be returned with less cost, thus enabling users to develop the full potential of the web of linked data.


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Biography: Zhu Yanqin(1964—), female, doctor, professor, yqzhu@suda.edu.cn.
Foundation items: The National Natural Science Foundation of China(No.61070170), the Natural Science Foundation of Higher Education Institutions of Jiangsu Province(No.11KJB520017), Suzhou Application Foundation Research Project(No.SYG201238).
Citation: Zhu Yanqin, Hua Ling. Optimization of RDF link traversal based query execution[J].Journal of Southeast University(English Edition), 2013, 29(1):27-32.[doi:10.3969/j.issn.1003-7985.2013.01.006]
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