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[1] Zhang Fan, Wu Xiao, Shen Jiong,. Fuzzy disturbance rejection predictive controlof ultra-supercritical once-through boiler-turbine unit [J]. Journal of Southeast University (English Edition), 2017, 33 (1): 53-58. [doi:10.3969/j.issn.1003-7985.2017.01.009]

Fuzzy disturbance rejection predictive controlof ultra-supercritical once-through boiler-turbine unit()

Journal of Southeast University (English Edition)[ISSN:1003-7985/CN:32-1325/N]

2017 1
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Computer Science and Engineering
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Fuzzy disturbance rejection predictive controlof ultra-supercritical once-through boiler-turbine unit
Zhang Fan Wu Xiao Shen Jiong
Key Laboratory of Energy Thermal Conversion and Control of Ministry of Education, Southeast University, Nanjing 210096, China
ultra-supercritical power plant model predictive control fuzzy control extended state observer
In order to overcome the wide-range load tracking and unknown disturbance issues of an ultra-supercritical boiler-turbine unit, a fuzzy disturbance rejection predictive control approach is proposed using the techniques of fuzzy scheduling, model predictive control and extended state observer. Local state-space models are established on the basis of nonlinearity analysis and subspace identification. To enhance the disturbance rejection capability of the controller, an extended state observer is employed to estimate unknown disturbances and model mismatches. The disturbance estimation enhanced local predictive controllers are subsequently devised based on the local models, the performance of which is further strengthened by incorporating the fuzzy scheduling technique. The simulation results verify the merits of the proposed strategy in achieving satisfactory wide-range load tracking and disturbance rejection performance.


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Biographies: Zhang Fan(1986—), male, graduate; Shen Jiong(corresponding author), male, doctor, professor, shenj@seu.edu.cn.
Foundation items: The National Natural Science Foundation of China(No.51506029, 51576041), the Natural Science Foundation of Jiangsu Province(No.BK20150631), China Postdoctoral Science Foundation.
Citation: Zhang Fan, Wu Xiao, Shen Jiong. Fuzzy disturbance rejection predictive control of ultra-supercritical once-through boiler-turbine unit[J].Journal of Southeast University(English Edition), 2017, 33(1):53-58.DOI:10.3969/j.issn.1003-7985.2017.01.009.
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